SEO Digital Marketing is the “buzz” term of our day. Basic SEO can take you quite far in most industries and is not magical, digital marketing like anything else that becomes successful is a product of creative planning, hard work, and consistency

If your feeling frustrated… take a deep breath. Digital marketing is competitive and it’s easy to find advice as you strive to improve. Lots of hucksters claiming that they have the “secret” to success. Actually, Google tells you exactly what you need to succeed. In a sentence, You will earn better SEO ranking if you create an original content rich responsive website optimized for speed serving the mobile experience. 

Step 1

The first thing to do is create a plan. Research your competitor’s keywords using online tools like… [Tool Name]. Also, take a look at their AdWords strategy using [SEM RUSH].

Step 2

Before you begin laying out your website. Create a structural outline including the keywords you would like to optimize. Keep it simple if you are a plumber make sure that your main page you cover the keywords “Plumbing Service Business”… build out additional pages to focus on key aspects of your business. If you serve a local area make sure you localize your content “Denver Plumbing Service Business”.

Step 3

Creating a fast, original responsive website. Google’s current “Mobile First” policy. If your website is optimized for the desktop and slow on the mobile device it is likely you will pay a price… in lower search rankings. Invest some time or money in getting this right before spending lots of money advertising. The results you receive will more than pay for the investment.

If you can afford it hiring a professional can help at this stage can help you speed things up. Development time will be reduced because you took the time to cover step 1 & 2.

Of course, you can create a DIY Site as there are many great products like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and others. For 90% of websites, I believe that WordPress is the best development tool. WordPress provides a secure stable environment and there are thousands of plugin and design tools. It can be a bit much for some in which case you can hire a WordPress developer or look into the other options mentioned above.

Step 4 (Critical)

Make sure you set up the following FREE tracking tools…

Google My Business

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Bing Webmaster Tools

Set up goal tracking. If you are a creating an e-commerce business set up e-commerce tracking. Analytics is a great tool but you have to have goals to work toward. Measure everything and adjust content, images, forms to reach your goals. Analytic data is your key to success and likely will give you the edge over your competition.

Step 5

Consistently adding to your online content… once you have your content in place keep adding to it.

Establishing your online content takes time. If you take the time to create an Analytics Measurement System, research your competition locating keywords, create a fast mobile first website, post helpful information highlighting with your keyword focus, find good quality websites that will host or link your content and keep adding to your website you will generate organic traffic…

You probably noticed that organic traffic is not “Free”….

Please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have?

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