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frequently asked questions

If your online advertising is getting lackluster results, ask for a free account review. Often we can find solutions to improve your results and save you money.


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How do you help your clients with Google AdWords?

Glad you asked! We help B2B companies and Niche Educational businesses. Each has unique needs, we have developed specialized tools to help your company thrive. You can try many of them for FREE and see how they can help your company.  We offer Web-Site Design, Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and specialized tools to help you succeed. If you are not receiving the leads you need please contact we can help you. 

What services do you offer?

TrueDart specializes in helping B2B businesses and niche Educational businesses with their digital marketing. We provide Website design and redesign,  landing page design, SEO, AdWords, SEM, and custom eCommerce solutions. 

How does my business get a number #1 Search Ranking?

Our first question is always, number #1 ranking for which keyword combination? We will study your website and research your specific market in order to develop a tried-and-true strategy to give you the best ranking possible.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Yes! We offer on-going website maintenance services. Our monthly maintenance checklist includes (but is not limited to) update management, backup and recovery services, site security monitoring, critical content updates and much more. Let us know you are interested in our maintenance services and we will include this option in our quote.

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends on the size and complexity of your project. To begin the process we take the time to learn about your business, your competitors and your goals. We develop the right action plan, create the most effective content for your website, and coach you on online strategy implementation. The short answer is, some project can take as little as a few weeks, others can take a few months.

How do I get started?

Contact us for a Free Consultation and Review. We will check your website structure, content, online brand, mobile responsiveness, speed and SEO strengths, marketing approach and conversion stats. Based on that information we will be able to evaluate your online strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a suggested plan for improvement.

Why is your company called TrueDart?

TrueDart’s name emphasizes two key qualities “True” meaning “Honest, Dedicated & Focused” & Dart meaning “Accurate”.  TrueDart’s proven experience and high level of customer service will give your company an edge in the marketplace. We pride ourselves in being your business partner and in going the extra mile to help you succeed. Our clients appreciate being able to delegate their digital marketing challenges to us so they can focus on their business.

What types of business do you work with?

True Dart serves B2B clients & Niche Educational Businesses. 

In  a Nutshell 

Why use digital advertising?

The simple answer is that using digital advertising will dramatically boost your lead flow and sales.

Why work with a digital agency?

A good digital agency is one of your best business partners. It will keep you competitive and save you time and money.

Why work with TrueDart?

TrueDart specilizes in B2B Digital Marketing. We have invested in tools  that generlist do not use. You will identify and contact more companies that are activly searching for businesses like yours!

We have all the right tools. Can we Help You?

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What our cLIENTs say 

The volume of leads is excellent. Keep up the good work.

Marty J., CEO

TrueDart redesigned my website and managed AdWords. We increased our summer camp enrollment by 200%.

Ray R., CEO Summer Adventures Daycamp

“We increased conversions from 4.5% to 14.4%. Our leads are high-quality and sales are increasing!”

David S., Sales Manager

If you have a Goal we can help you reach your target.

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